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Alchemy of Hope

I have participated in an amazing upcoming free online retreat to testify with my beautifully re-written story, the one which I am living today. Join me and 9 other spirited sheroes at Alchemy of Hope: Discover the Gift of Childhood Trauma as an Initiation to Inner Freedom.

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Creative Magic Tea Party

Join me and a community of creative visionaries for tea drinking, art and juicy discussions! My friend Alexis Cohen is hosting The Creative Magic Tea Party: Collaborate with Divine Feminine Power and Create Art that Heals and Transforms…one sip at a time! on Friday, April 29th – Will you join us?

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Radiant Relationships Show

Does it seem that the more you work on your healing the bigger the hurt gets? And the current situation in the world with the war in Ukraine only adds an additional layer of hopelessness and devastation. Anaiya and Sita Sadhana Kaur discuss these weighty topics and much more.


Healing Beauty Symposium

Healing Beauty is a miraculous, transformative Symposium for high performing entrepreneurs and ambitious professionals who are ready to empower their lives, businesses, and relationships with the lost feminine beauty. I am excited to join host Kelly Morgan and 9 other world class teachers to share insight into healing our inner beauty and removing the conditioning of partiarchy!


Manifest Incredible Love

Are you tired of being single and you’re ready to call in your soulmate, yesterday? Or maybe you’re married looking for the secret on how to create the happily ever after that you could only dream of? Magic does happen when you’re in love and Nicki has invited me to share my story and knowledge with you so you can manifest incredible love in your life too!

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Bridging Sky and Earth Summit

Join me in the Bridging Sky and Earth: Embody Your Star Wisdom summit to explore why embodiment is one of the most potent astrological invitations of this year and how to embody your Star Wisdom within to activate more of your brilliance and creative potential as a human being.


The Sacred Sexuality Summit

Our sexuality and intimate relationships is an important piece in every human Being that cannot be overlooked if we want to live truly healthy and aligned lives. I would love to invite you to join me, summit host Angel Aquarian and other incredible Humans from around the world as we bring some much-needed light into the darkness of this most beautiful aspect of the human Being. And it’s free!


The Magnetic Queen Retreat

My commitment is to co-create a world where such empowered women are my tribe. A community where we evoke and summon the Queen in each other. If you find yourself with a similar longing, then this free online summit is just for you. Join me and my host, Senami, a former award-winning engineer/executive for over 20 years, turned catalyst for women like you to invoke your Soverieng Queen archetype and find your authentic feminine leadership style. Senami is hosting  REAL, short, Soulful Conversations with fellow Queens/Kings, including me! who will share their genius on this 10-day retreat starting on APRIL 1st.

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Fertility Ceremony

It’s time to restore the fertility of women and the earth. It’s time to turn the wasteland into a glorious garden. There are infinite ways to do this, and one that is often overlooked in this age of science, is the potency of ceremony and offerings.

Imagine this…w omen around the world coming together on the powerful day of spring equinox to enact a ceremonial offering to mother earth for the restoration of fertility. There is record that this happened in ancient times, and we are recreating it now. I hope you’ll join us for the 5 week Fertility Ceremony Event from February 18th – March 20th.

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Feminine Empress Activation Temple

Join me and Jonita D’souza who is a Feminine Lifestylist and Creatress of Exploring Femininity for a powerful series of activations for women to unveil their Feminine Empress. This 5 day FREE online series is designed to invoke your highest essence as a woman in the 21st century and birth your own version of your Feminine Empress archetype and help shake the world into the New Paradigm!

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A New Vision of You: The Gift of Loving Yourself

Are you looking for a new approach to change and self-love? Are you looking for a new approach to self-love?  It’s time to open your heart this Valentine’s holiday! We seek love outside ourselves and it always falls short of what we truly desire. Often we want to give up on the idea of love because it consumes us. Fear of abandonment, rejection, feeling “not good enough”, hating our bodies – what can we do about it? Join me and my host Astrid Schiller, Reiki Master, as we share guides and tools to help you become a new, happier version of yourself! And it’s FREE!

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Bring the Sizzle Back to Your Sex Life Summit

Why not build a truly intimate connection with your partner and how to have the most amazing sex life? I wouldn’t settle for anything less, neither should YOU! Join me…



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