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The Magnetic Queen Retreat

I have long worked towards a community where we evoke and summon SOPHIA, the Divine Feminine, in each other.  A dear friend of mine Senami has found herself on a similar journey for the last ten years and has traveled all around the world – from the Black Hills mountains of South Dakota to the lavish jungles of Costa Rica, Mexico or Indonesia, or the ashrams of India, etc. – studying with some of the top names in the fields of women’s empowerment and transformation. Join us both as we share our experience with SOPHIA in this free 10 day online summit series.

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Awakened Woman Circle

It is time to REMEMBER the truth of who you are. And what better time than RIGHT NOW to answer your soul’s deep calling and finally heal yourself, make quantum upgrades in both your personal and professional life and help elevate the planet’s consciousness? Join me with my host, the inspirational Lindsay Marten Ellis, for the 3 day online Awakened Woman Circle - and it's FREE!

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Wisdom of the Crone

Join us every last Wednesday of the month for our FREE sister circle. The current series “Wisdom of the Crone” will be lead by the beloved, Anaiya Sopohia. Each month we will dive deep and develop a sacred connection to our divine evolution and inner crone. What is the Crone? Who is she? What is her message? Why was she almost forgotten? Why are we afraid of her? Who made us fearful of aging? Why do we look away when she appears? The answers to these questions, only she can answer, as we journey into the revealing of her true message at this time.

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Menopause seems to be a topic that through my practice I have found many women often delay learning about until it's " too late" or we are actually experiencing it. This FREE sister circle is for women of all ages and I encourage you to invite the women in your life.


Healthy Love Show

Creating monumental, ecstatic love can feel complex and confusing. BUT it doesn't have to be. Join me at with host Anastasia Frank at this FREE virtual event about showing driven women how they can embody joy and feel on fire while creating the connected, committed love they desire. And I know you’ll enjoy what we have to share!


Feminine Empress Activation Temple

To celebrate World Femininity Day (24th June 2021), my friend Jonita D’souza who is a Feminine Lifestylist and Creatress of Exploring Femininity has put together a powerful series of activations for women to unveil their Feminine Empress. If you are woman  who would like to be held in a Sacred Container by World’s Leading Feminine Visionaries, then join us online on this important day - and it's FREE!


Day of Divine Feminine

 If you've been waiting for truth and beauty to burst through the heaviness and lift our senses to new horizons - This Is It! Join me along with 30 other authors streamed LIVE all over the globe to hundreds of thousands of people, spreading consciousness, knowledge and love, as we bring Divine Feminine power to the longest day in the Northern Hemisphere, and illumination to the darkest night in the Southern Hemisphere on Solstice. And it's FREE!

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The Sacred Path of The Priestess Part 2

Are you feeling called to step into your path as a creator? To dive deep within and to listen to your wisdom? To awaken your priestess leadership to heal, lead and activate humanity? Then join me with host Catherine Tétreault-Ayotte for the online retreat ‘’The Sacred Path of the Priestess Part 2: Unlock Your True Potential and Embody Your Sacred Leadership’’, on June 16, 2021. And it's FREE!

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Yoni Art Fest

Experience the power of Yoni Art Fest! Yoni Art Fest is happening June 14-18!  Join me at to experience the power of this global art event.


The Awakened Mother Show

Every day you devote yourself to your family, to your partner, to your friends, to your job. Yet you know there’s something missing… Self-devotion!!! If this sounds like you, then join me at this fantastic online summit hosted by Isabelle Bridges supporting mothers to become skillfully lucid and empowered in the dream of daily waking life!

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WorldStory Festival 2021

I invite you to join me and other powerful wahshowers to a powerful, loving, magical, moving festival, where we heal our collective wounds, transform our mutual pain into soul art, sing into the heart of love and create a whole new era, where the fear of death can no longer control humankind. Celebrating the ancient prophecy that the ElvenHearts would one day return, the theme for this year’s Worldstory festival is the fate of the Cathars and the cosmic rebirth that the prophecy heralds.

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Womb Oracle Journey

Our wombs are incredibly powerful containers of wisdom, multi-dimensional knowing and healing potential.  Join me and 6 other powerful women, deeply connected to their womb wisdom and leading the rise of the Divine Feminine on Mother Earth on a no-cost 7-day journey, hosted by Emmi of Feminine Revered, that brings you messages of love, hope and courage and provides guidance on how to navigate the current times of transition.



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