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Real Magic

Your life is not an accident.  You came here with a plan.  You were born with a divine mission… a sacred purpose.  And, you know it!   You have always known it.  At this point in Earth’s history it is necessary for all of us to begin to live that vision and mission. It is time for some Real Magic! Join Anaiya and host Kathy Forest along with 30 other presenters on the topic, and unleash your own real magic!


Join Anaiya at this year's Tribal Star Queen Goddess Conference. Join in-person at Glastonbury in the UK or beam in online starting July 27!

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The Sacred Path of the Priestess Summit

An initiation portal into your divine power! Activate Your Sacred Power and Unleash Your Soul at this FREE 1- day live activation retreat. Join Anaiya with host Catherine Tétreault-Ayotte online and unleash your own divine power to Weave the New Golden Era!

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Elevate Your Energy Frequency

If you could live a life filled with love, happiness, and prosperity by willfully changing (transmuting) energies to achieve something greater, what would that mean to you? Find out how with Anaiya and summit hosts Erin Saunders, Suzaita Hipolito and Shaunay Cotton, and also receive experiential training from myself and 9 other Leaders of the New Earth on how to change/transmute (alchemize) energies.

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Soul Sourced Business Summit

A business that has the delivery of deep fulfilment as a core value, tends to be more heart and soul based. It seeks to create expansive experiences, evolutionary outcomes, inspiring spaces and nourishing products that give more than can ever be expressed in words.


Habit Mastery Summit

Join me with sumit host Vikki Rood, a professional development coach and 21 other speakers who are living their purpose, helping others, and sharing how mastering their habits creates real change in a free summit called Habit Mastery Summit. We’re sharing our secrets to help you find simple techniques, harness the power of your habits, and create happiness and success in your life!!

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Chalice and the Well Summit

We live in a time of coming to terms with structures that no longer serve our higher purpose. Connection is an essential need for all humans.  Slowing down allows us to be more intimate with ourselves and that produces greater capacity to be more intimate with other beings.

If you are longing to be held, be nurtured and restored, connect to your breath, and life-force, I’m so delighted to invite you to a very special online conference in which we’ll explore the universal and earth energy sources that can fill us to the brim of bursting with abundance of purpose, deep centeredness, and love.

If you’d like to learn more about how we can connect to these beautiful truths within our bodies and the body of Mother Earth… see you at this very special summit! And it's FREE!

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Re-Dream the World Astro Retreat

Join Visionary Astrologers and Leaders in the Embodiment Movement for a weekend of Cosmic Wisdom and Body Nourishment. Learn about the energetic themes unfolding in 2021, why they are so momentous and how you can best work with the turbulence and potential of this time. And it's FREE - join us!


The Authenticity Retreat

Connect with your truth and become a love magnet! Join Anaiya and retreat host  Barbara Santen for an online one day retreat focusing on how to boost your own authenticity to supercharge your ability to create and magnetically draw to you the life that you deserve!

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Tending Birth Canal of Earth Soul

Join Anaiya and other Oracle Council Women who embody ancient feminine wisdom streams, as midwives and guardians of earth mother, supported by a circle of men holding masculine presence and container, at the next online ceremony scheduled for Equinox on March 20

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Making Miracles Happen

The moment you start to follow your fears, instead of running away from them, you will finally open the doors to love! In fact, everything else falls into place when you finally begin to truly love and allow yourself to be loved in return. This series, presented by Adrien Blackwell, is going to show you exactly how to do that and give you the support, tools, and guidance to get you where you’re meant to be!

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Courageous Joy

I am so excited to invite you to an event I know you will want to attend.  You’ll hear from 23 seasoned wisdom-keepers, thought leaders, shamans, teachers, healers, wisdom-keepers, and scientists, including myself and host Kathy Forest, where we will all present paradigm-shifting wisdom, insights, and inspiration for you, as well as practical tools you can begin using right now to step more fully into your power to create the life you want to live and support the planet you want to live upon. And it's free!



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