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Spark Divine Power Summit

  I’d like to invite you to Spark Divine Feminine Power through Pleasure Global Conference, a free online event, where I will be speaking as part of a panel of 27 presenters, to reveal the powers and orgasmic life force pleasure the divine feminine can provide.  The event airs May 14th - 20th, and we invite you to join us as we step into our deepest power, connected to the sacred and healing for all, and give permission to Joy & Pleasure to transform the world!   


Permission to Rise

Have the sudden shifts we are seeing unfold across our Earth triggered an inner shift in you?  It is clear that years of spiritual practice, study, and teaching have all been for this moment in time. As is with any dark night of the soul, the only way out is through, but how we go through matters. This is the moment we all get to RISE into who we are here to be - the embodiment of love. Join Anaiya with host Anahita Joon along with other powerful wisdom keepers from around the world who have gathered at this free summit to bring you spiritual tools, activations, prayers and practical wisdom.


Attuning to the Voice of Mother Earth

This time in our lives will be remembered by all, because our plans have collectively and suddenly been interrupted. Almost all of us around the Planet will have similar experiences navigating these times with similar fears and hopes. Join Anaiya and host Maya Zacharow  to dream in the New World online, to make it the very best future we are capable of dreaming up together for us, for our Planet and future generations.


The Conscious Leader Summit

Unleash the power of your unique genius and fast- track the creation of your legacy work (book, program, business), the Opus-level work you’re here to do and ONLY you can create.  Join me with host Danielle Rama Hoffman - and it's FREE!


Return of the Priestess

Calling the #wildwoman #priestess #goddess embodied women! At times of great change, those of the light show up to serve. We, the Priestesses have come to midwife a NEW EARTH. It’s a joy to share this journey with you, sisters … Return of the Priestess is a FREE online series + Global Feminine Activation with priestesses and #wisewoman leaders from around the world. Come, JOIN US in Sacred Space - and it's FREE!


Arise + Awaken

It is time for use to reinforce the anchoring of the high vibrations of light onto the earth. One way we can do this is through Christina Miglino's special 1-day virtual experience. I am one of her special guests, and I am inviting YOU along to contribute your energies in this sacred priestess summit online - and it's FREE! One day of events and rituals online - not to be missed! And I am appearing 11am PDT! Come and join us!


Attract Your Soulmate

Join me with host Barbara Santen for this online summit specifically for anyone who is looking for love, or looking to transform their current relationship into something absolutely magnificent! And it's FREE!


Empowered Moms Show

Have you ever been in a situation when someone else made you do something which you did not want to do in the first place? Join Anaiya with summit host Angelica Isis Azura for this free online event where they explore how to spot and derail manipulative tendencies in your relationship before they erupt into resentment and rejection.


The Authentic Woman You Are

Watch the video interview here with  Anaiya and host Jennifer Ackad who have followed their inner Calling and aligned their lives to what they know is true for them. Profound,…


The Energy Medicine and Body Wisdom Summit

Watch the video interview here.  Anaiya and Alison jump in with an in-depth conversation around Radical Menopause, fully stepping into the process and the freedom found in such immense authenticity. 


I Rise - Beyond Sexual Wounds

Most of us have been sexually wounded in some way, if not directly than by our society’s mutated collective sexual state. And I know the journey of healing is the…


Artist Ascension Masterclass

Join Anaiya with host Alexis Cohen for this FREE video series focusing on your creative abilities: how connecting and developing a strong spiritual and creative practice gives you the endurance, patience, and power to bring your sacred body of work to life.



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