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Video Snippet of the EMBRACE Sumit (Day 5 Embrace of Embodied Wisdom). Here's a little something on Embracing Menopause: Feminine Mystery and Power. Join so many of us and the…


Wise Womb Way Symposium

Imagine sitting in the comfort of your home, while being connected to the exact Wisdom Keeper you need to support you on your healing path. Join Anaiya as she appears…

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Divine Masculine and Feminine Rising Summit

Join Anaiya and Pete on the subject of the importance of men's and women's circles and where to go from there.


Orgasmic Freedom

Anaiya joins host Nicole Mapu and others at a summit on bringing deep connection, absolute truth, and profound love to yourself, your relationships, and the entire planet!


True Path Entrepeneur Summit

Anaiya talks with summit host Beth Weinstein


Grief, Grace, God...dess!

Join Anaiya with host Sharon Ann Rose n the authentic discovery of what befriending our grief provides. Grief, Grace, God…dess! is a FREE 7-day process that begins on September 22,…


Alchemy of Sex Summit

Join Anaiya with host Will Brown L. Ac. and 18 other phenomenal teachers on the Alchemy of Sex Summit to help you breakthrough the shame, doubt, fear, and insecurity that…


Ancient Wisdom, Modern World, Becoming Human

A LIVE Panel Call offering an exciting and radical conversation with Anaiya Sophia and OTHER leading visionaries, embodiment teachers and academic anthropologists, hosted by Phoenix Na Gig. We were wild once, interconnected with all of the natural world and the intelligence that designed us is calling us to heal and remember our responsibility with each other and our world.


Rising Feminine Online Temple Summit

Anaiya talks with Jonita D'souza about sacred feminine initiations, conscious conversations on desires, sexuality, relationships and body-love.


Waxing Moon - Medicine from the Mooncave

Anaiya talks passionately about why women are like petrol soaked paper ready to IGNITE. Especially when they reach MENOPAUSE. Anaiya talks of how to find, allow, protect our fire nature. And what the awakening feminine might experience as she steps out into the world. Hosted by Phoenix Na Gig.



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