Sex, Love & Feminine Power


Sex, Love & Feminine Power

Dear Friends

One of my colleagues, Feminine Empowerment Coach, Lillie Claire Love, has put together a FREE series for Women and I am one of the Featured Experts!

The Sex, Love & Feminine Power Series begins July 21st!

Join thousands of us women as we dive deep into discovering how a Woman taps into her inner wisdom, beauty and wholeness to create a truly Empowered Life in and out of the bedroom.

Beginning July 21st there will be a daily interview sent to your inbox from many Epic Experts in the field, including me.

The interviews are only 30 mins (the perfect length to watch in traffic, while cooking or before bed!) and are fully packed with powerful guidance and support for your journey! It's short and sweet, with a whole lotta fierce too ;)

My Interview will be featured on 26th July!

Plus I will be sharing (as will every other Expert!) a special Free Gift just for you!

We are so excited to celebrate this with you!

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