Stepping Into Sovereignty


Stepping Into Sovereignty

There comes a time...
when you just have to say...ENOUGH!  You know what I mean...that energy deep inside your core begins to bubble up...all the things that you have learned to tolerate begin to accumulate...until there is just no more room for any more bullshit.  You just can't keep looking the other way.  You can't keep avoiding the won't let you.  When you look around at the state of the world and what we have learned to accommodate, avoid, accept, or allow out of ignorance, your body, your heart, your soul just won't allow it any longer.

Join presenter Kathy Forest with Anaiya Sophia and other speakers for a teaching series that's all about how to step into our Sovereign power and activating The Fierce Love of the Sacred Mother.

You feel the surge of energy rising and you energetically begin to scream:

I will not allow this any longer on this planet.


And there it is! The truth behind all of the chaos that we see right now.  There have been so many things that THE DIVINE SHE just will not allow any longer.  The Sacred Feminine is making her appearance felt in a very loud way.  There are so many, many things that have been allowed to take place on this planet that are no longer sustainable.  We cannot expect to live here unless these things are addressed.  We cannot hope to survive as a viable species on this planet unless we address them.

Racial Inequality, Global Hunger, The Harming of our Children, Environmental Demise, The Global Health Crisis, Civil and Global Unrest, and of course...Pandemics...

And this is just the shortlist...When we see it, it is so overwhelming...and dealing with just our small portion, our small little piece of it seems to take up all of our time!  How are we ever going to survive?  How can any of us hope to make even a drop of difference?


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