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Mary Magdalene Studies Association Conference

Here is the first part of our Mary Magdalene Studies Association conference on July 22, 2020, held on zoom, with a variety of speakers from all around the world: Turkey,…


Women's Initiation Journey

 Powerful readings, campfire community sharing, feminine practices, and self-development. Unlock the full spectrum of your Womanhood.


Pleasure as Prayer Summit

Join me with host Aimee Murphy to remember and celebrate the sacred connection between women's health, sexuality and spirituality!


Naturally Happy & Prosperous Woman Summit

Learn how to tune in to your heart, manage your mind, feel amazing in your body, and   have it all - join Anaiya with host Erin Saunders for this great summit where boundaries will no longer exist between us and our innate happiness. And it's FREE!


Birthing New Earth

I want to invite you to a very special Global Event that you're going to love. Birthing New Earth, airing online from June 22 - 26, has been designed to share practical tools and guidance as we begin to re-think and re-form the new world.  Seasoned coaches, teachers, wisdom-keepers, and healers will gather to guide you, provide inspiration for ways that we can begin building the new world, and help you to navigate in these turbulent, evolutionary times. I'll be there, and I invite you to join us!


Awakening to the Magic of the Menstrual Cycle

This series is for ALL women, whether bleeding or not, no matter what stage of life they are in. During these interviews, we not only discuss the inner workings of the menstrual cycle, but also all phases of a woman’s life including the initiation into motherhood as well as menopause and offer a TON of practical information that EVERY woman can use to enrich her life.


Paint Pray Flow

Say "yes" to your creative spirit.  Join me and my host Alexis Cohen, artist and founder of Artist Ascension Academy  for Paint, Pray, Flow, a  grounded way to carve…


Quintessence Retreat

A 3-Day Virtual Retreat  running May 15-17! Embark on your heroine's journey.  Evoke your divine blueprint. Embody true forgiveness. Join Anaiya with host Maggie O'Dea for this special online…


The Power of the Sacred Feminine

Join Anaiya Sophia and Christine Page for a one-day immersion in the power and mystery of feminine spirituality over two online sessions. Presented by Mystics & Scientists, Anaiya appears  at 10am British Summer Time on Saturday May 16.


Spark Divine Power Summit

  I’d like to invite you to Spark Divine Feminine Power through Pleasure Global Conference, a free online event, where I will be speaking as part of a panel of 27 presenters, to reveal the powers and orgasmic life force pleasure the divine feminine can provide.  The event airs May 14th - 20th, and we invite you to join us as we step into our deepest power, connected to the sacred and healing for all, and give permission to Joy & Pleasure to transform the world!   


Permission to Rise

Have the sudden shifts we are seeing unfold across our Earth triggered an inner shift in you?  It is clear that years of spiritual practice, study, and teaching have all been for this moment in time. As is with any dark night of the soul, the only way out is through, but how we go through matters. This is the moment we all get to RISE into who we are here to be - the embodiment of love. Join Anaiya with host Anahita Joon along with other powerful wisdom keepers from around the world who have gathered at this free summit to bring you spiritual tools, activations, prayers and practical wisdom.


Attuning to the Voice of Mother Earth

This time in our lives will be remembered by all, because our plans have collectively and suddenly been interrupted. Almost all of us around the Planet will have similar experiences navigating these times with similar fears and hopes. Join Anaiya and host Maya Zacharow  to dream in the New World online, to make it the very best future we are capable of dreaming up together for us, for our Planet and future generations.



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