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The Energy Medicine and Body Wisdom Summit

Watch the video interview here.  Anaiya and Alison jump in with an in-depth conversation around Radical Menopause, fully stepping into the process and the freedom found in such immense authenticity. 


I Rise - Beyond Sexual Wounds

Most of us have been sexually wounded in some way, if not directly than by our society’s mutated collective sexual state. And I know the journey of healing is the…


Artist Ascension Masterclass

Join Anaiya with host Alexis Cohen for this FREE video series focusing on your creative abilities: how connecting and developing a strong spiritual and creative practice gives you the endurance, patience, and power to bring your sacred body of work to life.


Your Sacred Sexy Life Summit

Imagine, you are living a life filled with more pleasure, beauty, abundance, and grace than ever before, even when things aren’t perfect - all because you are deeply connected to…


The Magical Portal Project

This August, I’m taking part in the Magical Portal Project, a community project exploring the deep and mysterious alchemy that’s activated when we choose to say, ‘Yes’ to ourselves and commit to writing a book. Hosted by Nicola Humber of The Unbound Press, I’ll be joining 30 other magical authors to share the behind-the-scenes story of how writing a book changed my life. Join us!

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Collaborations with Spirit

Join me with host Christina Marie Miglino for 21+ Channeled Messages To Activate Your Energy System and Create From Divine Flow.


The Mighty Good Man Project

Anaiya talks with host Joshua Rosensweet on the topic of finding success in relationships by being brave, connected, and loving

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Rising Feminine Online Temple

Join Anaiya as she talks about Sexual Rewiring for the Greater Good with host Jonita D’souza for the Rising Feminine Online Temple, a 7 days initiation for women to journey back to her true essence.  Runs from June 24-31.


Transform the Victim-Victimizer Paradigm

The paradigm is shifting. Underneath all of the chaos it is. Can you feel it? Calling all lightworkers, lightbearers, and those who want to be part of the healing. Come, stand with us and claim Healing, Love, Freedom, and Sovereignty for ourselves and for our ailing world.


Empowered Human Summit

Join Anaiya and over 21 other experts as we speak about how to reconnect to our heart, home of our soul, in order to bring back in our life the…


Ignite Your Divine Feminine Energy

Join Anaiya and host Mayan Tran for this complimentary online masterclass series where they and other top experts share their knowledge, personal breakthroughs, and top resources to help you reconnect with your divine feminine power so you can create what you truly want… with ease, flow and fun!

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The Love Alchemy

Join Anaiya for Shakti classes, emotional detox and woman’s wellness at The Love Alchemy - a new forum for Radical Wellness. Its a way that brings everything together. It weaves…

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