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You Are Enough

Join Anaiya with host Pia Prana Muggerud and 20+ other exports at a free online video series called YOU ARE ENOUGH! Potent strategies to Reclaim your Worth, Unleash your Potential and Design your Destiny!


Tending Birth Canal of Earth Soul

Join me with host Juliet Haines and women oracles as we gather in council connecting to knowing th ancient feminine wisdom of the unknowing. We are being in the depths together, opening up a transmission to tend what is true during these times. Our sexual essence is in devotion to birthing the feminine through our bodies. Our hearts love has the capacity to embrace every aspect of humanity, and the truth of existence speaks through our womanly bodies and voices. Join us as we tend the birth canal of the earth soul.

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Blossoming Into You

I am extremely honored and excited to have been invited to be a featured speaker inside of the Blossoming Into You series hosted by Miko Lau. Join me on a transformative, sacred 21 days journey alongside with 20 other heart-centered self-love teachers - and it's free!


Quantum Leap Your Life in One Day

Activate your 11:11 portal energy to unlock the gateways to your purpose! The11:11 gateway is an excellent opportunity to unleash your full potential, so join Anaiya with host and shamaness…


Bring the Sizzle Back Into Your Sex Life

Why not build true intimate connection with your partner and how to have the most amazing sex life? I wouldn't settle for anything less, neither should YOU! Join me and host Dora Bradford along with 20 other life coaches online for the free Bring the Sizzle Back to Your Sex Life Summit where I and other will share concepts and tools to help you get the pizzaz and excitement back in your sex life.

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Cradle Your Body, Unleash Your Fire!

I know that while life is as unpredictable as a lobster on your table, right now, following joy can seem challenging. You need space to centre in, find rest and let your instincts run free. So, I’m delighted to share that something’s coming which will support you to do just that. This support is coming in the form of Cradle Your Body, Unleash Your Fire, an extraordinary online retreat for listening, rest and revolution, which I am also appearing at! It's FREE, and it runs from 15th-19th November. Love to see you there!


Magnetize Love

Anaiya talks with host Barbara Santen, on her FREE online summit called Magnetize Love: Use The Law Of Attraction To Manifest Your Dream Relationship, along with 20+ experts on love,…


Feminine Freedom

 Join me and over 20 Top Transformational Teachers for a Virtual Wellness Retreat hosted by Rose Metcalf as we give you real ways to create abundance in every area of your life and allow that little voice to speak up and how to use the challenges of this year to fulfill your destiny.


Art of Eroticism

Ready to Embody Spirituality, Sensuality and Joy? Are you INSPIRED, but not taking committed action? Join me with host Jenny Ynnej as we share wise women wisdom, research and practices…

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The Authentic Woman You Are

Join me with host Jennifer Ackad as she helps women rebirth themselves into a life of more power, authenticity and truth, connected with their body wisdom. A subject dear to my own heart, I am appearing as one of the speakers on her new FREE online summit, The Authentic Woman You Are, along with a beautiful line-up of other international women speakers, authors, coaches, founders, shamans and mystics. Join us - did I mention it's FREE?!! - the show starts September 28, so book your seat NOW!


Stepping Into Sovereignty

There comes a time... when you just have to say...ENOUGH! You know what I mean...that energy deep inside your core begins to bubble up...all the things that you have learned to tolerate begin to accumulate...until there is just no more room for any more bullshit. You just can't keep looking the other way.


Sovereign & Strong 2

How do you stay grounded, calm, and sane in a time of turmoil?  You stay in your heart. And regardless of external events, this is your opportunity to create deeper trust in yourself and a remain open and optimistic about these changing times.

If you’re searching for an uplifting way to navigate this shift with bravery and love, join me and my host, Dr. Claretha Yeager, at her free  online show where we share knowledge, wisdom, and practices to help you navigate your path, see beauty during transformation, expand your mind, and stay in your heart . It begins August 24th, and you can reserve your FREE spot here:



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