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Daughters of Divine Wisdom


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Daughters of Divine Wisdom

Daughters of Divine Wisdom

Join me for 15 days as we delve into a more palpable relationship with Divine Wisdom. In memorable words, Wisdom speaks to the mystics, saying, “Understand ye daughters of Wisdom, Protect me, and I will protect thee; give me my due that I may help thee.” Surely this statement is a message for our own times when the instinctive desire to protect nature and serve the life of the planet arises in so many of us.

I believe we are entering an era of Divine Wisdom, with 'Sophia' as the feminine figurehead charting the way. Our only stumbling block will be the limitation of the rational mind, and this is what the media/society at large 'pray' upon.

Allow me, if you will - to place you in the bosom of Sophia. This era is upon us - the one we agreed to enter. It's time now - to come home to her lantern and the oil that brings everlasting Light.

Join me for this LIVE and Recorded online gathering. All 15 classes will be live and recorded. When you sign up, you will be given the link to the live class and then sent the recording afterwards.


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