SOPHIA Mystery School

Sophia Mystery School - May 2


GBP £ 222.00

Sophia Mystery School - May 2
Sophia Mystery School - May 2

Every month I invite a handful of people to journey with me for seven days and seven night to receive the mystery as best as I can serve. Gleaned from personal experience of time spent in Israel, France, Egypt, England, Africa, Scotland and Peru, each country has its own wisdom. This work will swiftly submerge you into the stream of consciousness I call SOPHIA, the wisdom of our time, containing powerful knowledge, that all people need access to NOW.

  • Israel - The Transmission
  • France - Retrieving the Magdalene
  • Egypt - Return of the Myrrhophore
  • England - Anna and Mary's Tomb
  • Africa - White Lion Wisdom
  • Scotland - Roslin Glen and the Druids
  • Peru - Island of the Sun and Moon

My methodology is by personal experience, sensation and realization in the body. Palpable truth that lasts and deepens. Subjects covered would be Man, Woman, Sexuality, Darkness, Light, Sound and Union. This whole process happens online via Zoom and email. Every morning there would be a live (and recorded class) and another one in the evening, plus a transmission to receive throughout the night. These recordings would get sent out via email and are yours to keep. You can either join with me live or receive them at a time that suits you. As long as you receive throughout seven consecutive days - the transmission will build and you will have an experience that quite simply - changes everything!

Includes 2 x LIVE classes:

  • Morning LIGHT class 8 am-9 am - Breath/Body/Beauty Class (Paris Time) 
  • Evening DARK class 9 pm-10 pm - Spirit/Soul/Source   7 am and 7 pm (Paris Time)

All the senses will be filled with wisdom, preparing you for an experience of lasting, lingering recognition. Only 7 people at a time will be administered.


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