SOPHIA Mystery School

Sophia Mystery School - August


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Sophia Mystery School - August
Sophia Mystery School - August
Join Anaiya twice daily for 7 consecutive days in the SOPHIA Mystery School. This is an Oral Teaching/transmission that cannot and must not be written down as it is encoded within sound and feeling. The story of Sophia is the story of our own soul. Her ascent follows her descent, but as our own journey, it is not an easy climb. The SOPHIA Mystery School is a living transmission and sacred initiation for activating your Higher Self embodiment. This modern-day mystery school like the Logos does not bring Sophia out of the chaos by immediately grasping her back into the Pleroma but by restoring her light-power little by little and revealing to her who she really is. At this time of significant change and endless upheaval let us deepen our self in the grounded truth of Wisdom. 
For seven days we will meet for one hour, twice a day on live zoom calls, that also get recorded and sent out via email straight away as a replay.  I will be speaking in such a way that you will become 'moved' and that movement shall awaken gifts and knowings that have been lying dormant in your body - until such a time.
We will be covering all the things that 'move' me, but more importantly, I shall open to complete intuition for an 'in the moment' transmission. All I know at this point is that this is about NOW. Not the past, not what has happened, but this precious moment NOW and to utilise all the mystical gifts and insights we have picked along the way.
I know its a bit vague - but that is where the trust comes in. Is there something in this for YOU?  If you enjoy my work - then this would be a perfect way to glean all the medicine that I carry at this moment. For I intend to share everything.


  • Morning Session 8am-9am
  • and an Evening Session 8pm-9pm
  • Plus a nighttime transmission 

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