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The Phrygian Sibyl

October 2, 2020 - 8pm CET

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12 days, 16 hours & 42 minutes

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Oracles, Sibyls and Prophetic Women

Curl up with Anaiya as you receive the Holy Words of the world's most outspoken, shockingly accurate and sought after Oracles and Sibyls of our known time. Cassandra, Pythia, Deborah and Mother Shipton to name a few and many more. For 14-nights Anaiya will utter the prophetic vision of the goddess as she nourishes our heart and fortifies our resolve in this dark hour — where we can discard our confusion, strengthen our knowing, and speak out the wisdom we too carry at this time.

These hour-long nightime tales promise to build within us the same outspoken qualities and sheer knowingness that these women powerfully held. It's not so much about listening - but 'receiving'. If we can just allow ourselves to enter the inner world of these oracles - then her freedom of expression is ours. Remembering, of course, that these women set in motion, the very things they spoke of.  

The ancient oracles were the priestesses and mystics that served their community by entering trance states to communicate with the gods and goddesses of Greece and Rome as well as many other regions in the Mediterranean, North Africa, and Southwest Asia. They had many names but often held the titles of “Sibyl” and “Pythia.”

We’ll discover our capacity to embrace darkness on the path to light, to stand in peaceful resistance and courage, to receive the protection of animals and the natural world and be able to muster invincible power over evil. We have seen this time before and left breadcrumbs that lead to our treasure. Get cosy, lean in, listen to the stories and we will find our way.

Anaiya's storyteller passion will bring these Oracles, Sibyls & Prophetic Women alive within our bedroom. So watch out world! These tales will enrich our personal spiritual practice and help us cultivate more courage, self-empowerment, and self-compassion for facing the challenges before us today. All the stories will be taken from the original tales and myths of real-life women.

These tales are both live and recorded, so listen at any time, although - they're best after dark.  My wish - is that you are in bed already and this is the last thing that you hear and fall asleep upon.

Arrived at Cumae, when you view the flood
Of black Avernus, and the sounding wood,
The mad prophetic Sibyl you shall find,
Dark in a cave, and on a rock reclined.
She sings the fates, and, in her frantic fits,
The notes and names, inscrib’d, to leaf commits. 

— Virgil, The Aeneid, Book VI

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