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3 Day All Inclusive Personal Retreat


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3 Day All Inclusive Personal Retreat

3 Day All Inclusive Personal Retreat

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GBP £ 595.00

3 Day All Inclusive Personal Retreat

Come and experience a personal retreat with me at Les Contes in the French Pyrenees. Here is where you will find Notre Dame de Sophia, our chapel dedicated to Mary Magdalene and her Apothecary of Body Rituals. Time spent here is admission into a Mystery School. A lineage that is firmly rooted in an apostolic Mary Magdalene tradition. 

WE ARE OPEN all year round and continue to welcome guests. 

I know what it’s like to be called to Southern France and give up everything to follow that call. There is a powerful presence here, and it’s in the land. This region, primarily where Les Contes is situated, has an ancient connection to the Moon and the Sun. Montsegur, the last Cathar stronghold, was once a Solar/Lunar Temple, and some local families and villages claim to be the sons and daughters of the Shining Ones. Mostly this region is known for its strong association and tradition with Mary Magdalene and the Cathars. Since living here, I have researched as many layers of history, myth and legend as possible. 

Every day spent at Les Contes begins with Sacred Body Wisdom and closes with a mystical one-to-one acknowledgement of the countless gifts received. Staying at Les Contes would bring considerable abundance to your heart and Soul. The pace is slow, spacious, peaceful, and magical. There is a gushing spring, caves, moss-covered forest, labyrinth, riverside walk, and mountains to climb. There are also claims that Mary Magdalene exchanged news back and forth to the Holy Land at our spring, as well as countless stories that claim our spring was a well-known Cathar meeting place.  A secret location were parfait’s (Holy Ones) would exchange news, herbs and other ‘items’. 

For an all-inclusive price of £595, you could stay here for 3-days (3 nights) and experience a personal, tailor-made retreat. Our time together will be an embodied response to ‘the call to come to France’ and align you with your next steps.

This Personal Retreat includes Sacred Body Wisdom (somatic movement), Sacred Body Awakening (temple sacrements), Daily Sacred Sites, Transmissions, and Vegan Plant-Based Meals. We also have an Apothecary of Body Rituals, sacred sacraments administered to the body in the holiest expression we can reach. Together, we would learn to live more soulfully, connect more deeply to what is essential and feel more in touch with Nature. This price includes breakfast and evening meals (vegan/vegetarian) and daily excursions to inner and outer sacred places.

At Les Contes, you will also discover our permaculture project – the Seeds of Wild Love, The Red Rose Cafe (Vegan), White Rose Mystery School, La Source de Belisama and an ever-increasing Animal Sanctuary, as well as our ‘Out of this World’ Bed and Breakfast. 


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