Sacred Heart

Heavens Cross

Heaven's Cross occurs when the level of consciousness on the planet reaches a point where the barriers separating the physical and non-physical realms begin to open. It has been foretold…


Heart of the Underworld

Join me on this New Moon in Aries as we meet Persephone, the Heart of the Underworld. The key word to note here is 'Heart' as this is what we…


The Beatific Vision

Blessed are the pure in heart, for they shall see God. The March equinox – also called the vernal equinox in the Northern Hemisphere – marks the beginning of the…


Spirit of the Depths

Join me as we descend into regions of our being far more mysterious than anything we could expect. Since the beginning of 2023, I have found myself journeying between life…


Holy Eucharist, as worded by Mary Magdalene

Five Seals of Holy Eucharist, as worded by Mary Magdalene. The Holy Eucharist, or Bridal Chamber as it was known in Mary's time, is a ritual to unite with our…


Apolytrosis: Renunciation of the New Age

The word Apolytrosis is a feminine noun, which in ancient greek means a release of an enslaved person. In the gnostic tradition, it means a release from the worship of…


Sacred Ancestors of the Western World

Sacred Ancestors of the Western World...? Do we even know who they are, or do we imagine that the West just happened? This thirst for wisdom, improvement, refinement and the…


Wildfire Apostolic Wisdom of Humankind

I am issued from the lineage of SOPHIA, a self-proclaimed whore and virgin who came into this realm to emit Source Light to all living things. Mary Magdalene, a woman…


The Virgin Who The Forces Did Not Defile

Norea, the secret daughter of Eve, is a powerful feminist icon who rallied against dark patriarchal forces. In defiance, she burned down Noah's Ark, defeated God and whose descendants will…


Scrying Glass of Sophia: Twelve Holy Days

Today we tend to think of Christmas as a single-day or weekend event, whereas in most cultures of our ancient past, it was celebrated for at least twelve days. In…


Listen to the Land Speak

It's what we have always done… taken strength, insight and wisdom from a deeply rooted connection to land and spirit and used it as the animating force in our lives.…


Wedding Feast of Kinship

In December, at the very darkest time of the year, we head towards the Winter Solstice, when New Light is born out of the womb of winter. 'Solstice' means 'standstill'…



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