Sacred Heart

Feeding Your Demons

December's full Moon is commonly known as the Long Cold Moon—a name reflective of the frigid conditions this time of year brings. The last full Moon of the year is…


Ritual of Renewal: Cave of the Cailleach

Let's not resist winter's harsh barrenness and storms on this potent threshold instead of raging against the darkness - we must step into it. Forgetting The Cailleach, we have created…


Samhain Transmission: Well of Wisdom

All spiritual works at this time must broach the very real possibility that our death will arrive sooner rather than later. In the warm-hearted hope that our days are…


SINAI 22 - A Ceremony for the Earth

On November 8, 2022, there will be a night vigil with 1000 women ( and men) on Mount Sinai in Egypt and a worldwide meditation for anyone who wants to…


Sons and Daughters of the Hidden Light

Join us for a month (5) of SOPHIA transmissions as we move into eclipse season, featuring a partial solar eclipse on October 25 and a total lunar eclipse on November…


Entering the Interior Castle

Our Edge Holds The Deepest Love

Our wounds and traumas are not meant to be completely ‘healed’ or forgotten.  In fact, they carry the potential to be our superpowers as they shelter an enormous reservoir…


Bodhisattva:  The One Who Walks Among Us

The compassionate deity who walks among us. These PrayerWorks will bring us into direct experience of those much-needed friends in the subtle worlds of pure consciousness which remain near to…


Reconciliation of THE Heart

My Dearest Friends, In a few days’ time, we have the Virgo full Moon on March 18, 2022, which is a time to heal. It’s a time to sit with…


Consecration of the Soul

Last month I consecrated the Notre Dame de Sophia to the Holy Spirit with the altar as the place and pledging of the 'good works of Mary Magdalene'. This transmission…


The Forgiveness of Falling

Using the potency of Good Friday, let's gather together to receive a transmission from the utterance of Divine Wisdom. By her very nature, Sophia (Divine Wisdom) falls into manifestation, and…



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