Sacred Heart Transmissions:
Wounds of Love

Abandonment - Faith


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Abandonment - Faith

Abandonment - Faith

The wound of abandonment appears in our body as a heavy, downward loss of energy that often fills us with dread, depression and a sense of dying.  This includes the feeling of not included, not being loved, not being seen and not being held.Rejection and Abandonment are from the same family of feelings and story. The wound of abandonment sits within our root chakra and affects our lower spine, colon, legs and feet. This downward depletion of energy reveals how this wound is connected to the feminine and all aspects of the life force. When we feel abandoned – we can often feel disconnected from life, love and our holy purpose.

Towards the end of the crucifixion we get to see how Yeshua (Jesus Christ) entered and moved through the last and final wound.

“Father why hast thou forsaken me?” 

These were His words spoken just moments before His alchemical transfiguration. Moments later.

“Father, unto your hands, I commit my spirit”. 

The ultimate surrender into a deeper knowing – which in actual fact – knowing is not at all needed.

This transmission will lead us to our faithful courage to not die into the downward spiral, but instead to ‘rise up’ as we bravely align with our true longing and ability to serve the whole of life. 

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