Sacred Heart Transmissions:

Akhilanda: Goddess of Never Not Broken


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Akhilanda: Goddess of Never Not Broken

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Akhilanda: Goddess of Never Not Broken

Akhilanda power's stems from being broken: from being pulled apart and coming back together again. She is often depicted seated on top of a crocodile in a rushing river, representing her mastery of living in this state of flux.

During this transmission, we will come to experience Akhilanda, for she is most present during the darker times of grief and heartbreak. She will show us where our energy is trapped and how to liberate that part of us. Her potency of transmission and presence is when we are most alone, most exposed and most vulnerable.

At this moment, it can seem as if we are broken. Not because we are unloved, but because we are so deeply loved. Not because we are flawed, but because our flaws provide fertile soil for a greater truth to emerge.


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