Sacred Heart Transmissions:
Gospel of Mary

Annointed One


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Annointed One

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Annointed One

In this transmission we go on a journey to the time and place when Mary the Magdalene anointed Yeshua just days before his crucifixion. In this transmission we will come into feeling contact with our own participation in the anointing, both giving and receiving. As we accept these deep feeling memories we allow the Christ Light to irradiate our own being. One by One she turns us, looking deeply within our soul, anointing and 'acknowledging' the codes/gifts/roles that we are carrying. In deep reverence and tremendous light power she places the sacred oil upon us one at a time, imbued with their essence to fulfil our sacred promise to awaken and embody the Christ.

This transmission would serve:

  • The Retrieval of the part of you that feels you carry the Christ Light as 'a Magdalene', as one who anoints, initiates and catalyses
  • The Activation of your Magdalene/Rose Lineage and the propulsion to be of active service to the birth
  • The Opening of Gnosis
  • The imbuing of abominable kindness and faith into your heart and soul
  • The Retrieval of YOUR connection to the Christ lineage that does not require permission or recognition from the Patriarchy
  • Connection and Birth of your own Christed Self - without shame, without denial, without fear

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