Sacred Heart Transmissions:
Wounds of Love

Betrayal - Trust


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Betrayal - Trust

Betrayal - Trust

The wound of betrayal covers self-betrayal, betrayal by other, and a sense of being betrayal and betraying God.  All three levels of relationship are covered, self, other and creator, as well as both the giving and receiving of betrayal.

The wound of betrayal sits within the third chakra known as the navel, and affects your digestive system as well as your womb and hara.  Its healing balm is Trust.  When transforming these wounds we have to look towards Christ for His response in this initiation.  When He was faced with betrayal, he Trusted, that this work was for Him, as must we.  To know the fullness of Love and the capacity of the heart, one has to face these initiations with courage and dignity.

Betrayal poisons Eros, the sexual and passionate form of love. It suppresses your sexuality and scorns your connection to the heart, creating a sense of bitterness and spite. Once healed, betrayal mysteriously alchemizes into trust and ‘tender okay-ness’ with the whole of life, as your entire sexuality and fiery passion in your heart re-awakens and blossoms into full bloom.


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