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Gospel of Mary

Birth of a Mary


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Birth of a Mary

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Birth of a Mary

Mary Magdalene began her ministry after a very profound and fully consious catalysing event. Historically this was known as the Stoning of Mary - an event that birthed a turning point in Her life. Like Yeshua, she too had her own 'initiation' to serve before the full potential could be grounded into her being.
This transmission has the potential to powerfully ignite the catalysing agents that declare “NOW I Fully Awaken!…. NOW, I remember who I AM!”.
Historically, this story is filled to the brim of awakened and restored faith in the Self and the complete dissolution of all doubt. Guilt, Shame, Confusion and Doubt are ecstatically melted into Agape, the ever-extending force of love…. But the question is this… What did He write in the sand that catalysed this moment? That is the key – and that is what you will see for yourself.
During this transmisison 'You Will" get to see what He wrote for Her... and You Will get to see what (S)He will write for you...
If you too are looking for a turning point – this could well be it. By invoking your own connection to the Christ (Yeshua and Mary) something shall be written in the sand, and the wolves at your back shall drop their stones of humiliation and condemnation.
Anaiya Sophia will guide us into the Mystical Inner Space that is needed to receive this work and opening. By holding a frequency together we shall merge with the time and space where this 'event' is happening in your pysche.


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