Sacred Heart Transmissions:
Gospel of Mary

Bloodline of the Holy Sophia


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Bloodline of the Holy Sophia

The Bloodline of the Holy Sophia is a transmission from Her living spirit. The Gnostics believe that the Holy Sophia herself came to earth and gave birth to a female line of flesh and blood women who carried the living essence of the Sophia (Wisdom). Throughout history these women would become activated to remember their heritage, causing them to be filled with the Holy Spirit. Eve (Zoe), Isis, Mary Magdalene, Esclarmonde are all women from this lineage. I believe NOW is one of those times, where this bloodline will once again rise up and birth the next chapter of this story.
This transmission is to open a space within your own psyche to not only enquire whether you are connected to this lineage, but to pursue the vow you have ALREADY made to it. In essence, you are giving yourself the conscious immersion into a field of living codes that (with your permission) and heart felt longing have the potential to catapult you into your pre-destined agreement.
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