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Connecting With Your Causal Wound


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Connecting With Your Causal Wound

Connecting With Your Causal Wound

The deepest wounds of our soul are our Original Wounds.

There are six causal wounds that distort our soul’s connection to God on archetypal, subconscious, genetic and primordial levels. It is these inter connected wounds that lie behind many of the inexplicable and unexplainable issues we just cannot seem to get to the bottom of, no matter what we do. They form the basis of our separation from God and and Soul-Realisation.

In order to get the casual wound we have to navigate and travel through the layers of error based emotions that shroud and protect the causal emotion.  Once we get to the causal emotion, the healing transformation will be complete.  By listening to this audio by Anaiya Sophia, she will guide you through the error-based emotions towards the causal using the breath as a probing force to penetrate the soul and its emotional wounding. This journey is deeply sublime, compassionate and tender.  This audio can be listened to over and over again until all causal emotions are harmonized.

The best time to listen to this Activation is the moment you begin to feel the emotional trigger and charge.  The 'Great Work' can only be done when the emotional thread can be felt and followed. If you are used to emotional processing work - then this Activation can be listened to whenever you desire.  If can also be used to detect new and unknown emotions, and/or numb separated states of non-feeling. 


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