Sacred Heart Transmissions:
Wounds of Love

Denial - Truth


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Denial - Truth

Denial - Truth

The wound of denial covers self-deception, denial by other, and a sense of being denied and denying by God.  All three levels of relationship are covered, self, other and creator, as well as both the giving and receiving of denial and deception.

Denial corrodes Philia, the eternal and lasting bond between friends and all that you love to be involved and engaged with.  It is a form of love, which is innocent, good-natured and full of our purpose. It’s interesting to discover that Pythagoras coined the word “Philosopher” to mean “Lover of Sophia,” Philia (love of purpose) and Sophia (wisdom).

The wound of denial sits within your throat chakra and effects your neck, shoulders and throat.

When we are in a state of Denial, it is only Truth that can redeem our Soul. Denial is widespread within human nature.  Ranging from all out lying, to sophisticated ways of sidestepping and maneuvering around our responsibility to tell the truth to one another and ourselves.  The moment we speak Truth, Philia returns.  The more we lie, deceive, withhold, and conceal, the further away our natural innocence becomes.  “The Truth shall set you free” is the mantra of this wound.


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