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Embodying the Sacred Prostitute


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Embodying the Sacred Prostitute

Embodying the Sacred Prostitute

In ancient Sumeria, Mesopotamia, Egypt, and Greece, there were no brothels. Instead there were Temples of the Sacred Prostitutes inhabited by holy women who embodied love, owned their sexuality, and held the highest spiritual authority.

These women were known as Priestesses, or Sacred Prostitutes.

Within those Temples men were cleansed of battle scars and nourished with divine sexuality.

A common practice that took place in the Temple was called "Taking the War out of Man". Upon returning from war, men were invited to pass through the Temple doors. The Priestess would bathe, soothe and knead their physical, emotional and spiritual wounds.

She would expand her magnetic field to absorb all of his wounded energy, literally drawing the effects of war from his system. Through the power of her energy, and purity of her femininity, she would gently and tenderly love him back to wholeness.

If you re-member this, you may wish to embody her holy wisdom in a clean and holy way. Read this article to stir more memories:


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