Sacred Heart Transmissions:
Healing the Wound

From the Counterfeit Twin


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From the Counterfeit Twin

Full Moon

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There are two Full Moon's in October this year, offering us a perfect entry point into some profound and precious work.

The first one opens us to the most perilous ache that lingers after meeting a Counterfeit Twin. A Counterfeit Twin is a person who triggers within us an intense openness to a wholly new kind of love and then leaves. Or we leave them.

This gaping loss feels too much to bear and impossible to heal. Instinctively we cast a gossamer veil over our wound, which almost always is within the heart and affects our breathing. This wound is the most precious wound we could ever receive. It is the gift of the Counterfeit Twin. For some of us, the blessing of this wound is the last initiation before truly experiencing the immortal bliss of profound union with our appointed other. It is the last place we want to go, but the only place that is left unattended.

I will humbly take you there.


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