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Galbanum: Pathway through Death


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Galbanum: Pathway through Death

Full Moon

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Galbanum: Pathway through Death

Galbanum: Pathway through Death


Galbanum: Pathway through Death with Anaiya Sophia 

Full Moon Transmission

Welcome to the Mistresses of the Sacred Oils Transmissions. A Myrrhophore or Myrrh-bearer will often work with groups of souls who have died after a catastrophic event. Some of us work openly, while others do this in their sleep or meditation without even being consciously aware.

The oil of Galbanum has a long history of being used in this way, acting as a bridge for the sacred retrieval of souls across the threshold.

It's slightly narcotic properties induce a dreamy state and open the portals for one to also be able to travel deeper into oneself for enquiry and 'under' standing. During this transmission, we will journey with the oil along the Pathway of Death – receiving the wisdom and understanding of such an ancient practise.

During this transmission you will get to see/feel/touch/hear and taste both the role of Myrrhophore and recipient. You will need a bottle of Galbanum for the transmission. This work is now re-appearing in the guise of Death Doula's, or Soul Midwives. And is a position in society that is desperately calling to its Priestesses to REMEMBER...

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