Sacred Heart Transmissions:
Grace Amidst the Chaos

Grace Amidst the Chaos - ALL FREE



Grace Amidst the Chaos - ALL FREE

Grace Amidst the Chaos - ALL FREE

Grace Amidst the Chaos is a series of transmissions spoken for this time.  As the world and its people continue to be shaken to their core by the many challenges of the current pandemic and world events, individual stress levels are accelerating at alarming rates with negative impacts on social relationships and society as a whole. These spoken-word prayers, blessings, anointments of comfort and encouragement are intended to beautifully heal the cracks in our energy field, particularly the emotional and mental bodies that experience the onslaught of doubt, lostness, apathy, indifference, defeat, etc.

May these transmissions bless you through this time, bringing you strength, guidance and peace. 

  • In Times of Apathy
  •  In Times of Barren Land
  •  In Times of Doubt
  •  In Times of Lostness
  •  In Times of Outrage
  •  In Times of Sadness
  •  In Times of Tortured Children
  •  Rest in the Light

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