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Honouring the Magdalenes



Honouring the Magdalenes

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Honouring the Magdalenes

Beloved Friends, on the 22nd January I went to visit an old Magdalen Laundry in the UK to lay roses and light candles for the Women, Girls and Babies that once lived there.

Later in the evening, I recorded a transmission to Honour the Magdalen's, by 'visioning' a walk through the convent with the intention to bring Light and Healing to these kinds of places within our own ancestors and our collective history.

This will be a very stark rendition of a typical Magdalene Laundry, and so I feel to warn those who may be re-traumatised to wait maybe until you feel ready to revisit this place. This is Dakini Work, and for those of us who feel ready, willing and able to bring Peace to these once dark and foreboding places.


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