Sacred Heart Transmissions:
Virgin Mysteries

Our Lady of Immaculate Trust


GBP £ 11.00

Our Lady of Immaculate Trust

Our Lady of Immaculate Trust

This transmission is for those of us that could really do with a sense of “Everything is going to be alright!”. This transmission would gently guide you you to the voice in your heart, that whispers,“ All is well, and no matter what appears to be, it is alright to trust.”  This is the voice of Our Lady of Immaculate Trust.  And She is here now to take you to Her Sacred Well of Trust, where you can drink and replenish yourself.

This Transmission would serve:

  • The dissolving of emotional reactions and mental anguish
  • The courage to take nessaccary action
  • To accept that invitation that encourages us to move on
  • A surging sense of courage, trust and inner knowing deep within your own being
  • An unprecedented calling to your guides and guardians to rally around you
  • Connection to the Sacred Feminine lineage – and the importance of you being free to respond to your calling at this time

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