Sacred Heart Transmissions:
Grace Amidst the Chaos

In Times of Apathy


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In Times of Apathy

Full Moon

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In Times of Apathy

This transmission speaks to our apathy, our tiredness and brokenness.  With words that do not seek to change or motivate, but rather console and comfort, this transmission will anoint and acknowledge our weariness and despondency in those times when we should be being creative and on purpose! 

On this day let's take a journey towards the veil of Apathy and every form of procrastination and lazy attitude we have towards life and appeal in such way that cannot be denied, for our creativity and purpose to be freed, ignited by power and acted upon. Back in the day - we would have called Apathy a deadly sin, the one known as Sloth. A heavy, unenergetic great weight of tardy excuses and inactive purposeless being. We have to 'see' this for what is it - an interfering influence making sure we DO NOT enter our creativity for fear of what we might birth! Join with Me and lets 'appeal' for this to be lifted. Not that we imagine ourselves small and helpless, but rather we appeal because we 'see' it, we confront it and sovereignly declare our freedom from it.

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