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In Times of Barren Land


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In Times of Barren Land

New Moon

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In Times of Barren Land


This Thursday brings a New Moon in Virgo, where I will be doing a LIVE (and recorded) transmission titled "In Times of Barren Land". This New Moon harmonizes very tightly with Saturn and also with Pluto, which in my limited understanding, spells out "Still Not Good. Not by a Long Shot".This transmission will be the brillo pad and delicate balm that opens a part of us - that needs to pray now (self-included). Within me is an urge - that tugs at my sleeve saying - you must address this. You must put voice and breath to this "Anaiyalation".
There is so much scorching death, and we must come to terms with the inner and outer fires ravaging the land, the animals and the homes of humans and animals.
Many are up-earthed and wandering with no home.
This is not a prayer to bring the waters, nor is it some kind of plea to make it stop. It's Dakini work, a willingness to own and take back how we have made the land barren. To notice our compliance, our pretending it's not happening, our 'well it's happening over there' sentiment. To break down the numbness, the apathy, the disconnection to those in the fire, and those who imagine they are not.
These words will be a petition to the Great Spirits to 'only' come close and receive our very most profound apology, spoken and breathed from the humble remains of broken open human being.
No, "I apologise, there I ask of you..." No, nothing like that.
Dakini Work. Expect nothing in return.

On the day of the transmission, you will receive a zoom link for the LIVE transmission as well as the spoken audio file and PDF which are yours to keep and use whenever you feel. 




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