Sacred Heart Transmissions:
Grace Amidst the Chaos

In Times of Doubt


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In Times of Doubt

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In Times of Doubt

In Times of Doubt

Beloved Friends, let this transmission soothe us during these times of doubt, and uncertain news. This comforting medicine will bring welcome relief to any confusion and anxiety we may have in our relationships, families, work and health. I personally, feel called to address this aspect of life, now that I am getting older. I am calling this series "Grace Amidst the Chaos" and it is exactly that. It is the antidote to the Fake News, the Protests, the Chaos, the Fast Moving, Ever-Changing Tension in the World.

This voice is coming from an older, perhaps more ancient part of me, and it wishes to heal and bring Light to the times of Chaos. This voice is the still, steady and faithful solitude that Loves and Illuminates - no matter what. I wish for you to find this place within - because it gives us the power and strength to face anything.

This transmission is the sacred gateway to and through the quagmire of doubt. Here is a sacred space where we will be guided by the Light of our own Soul into the treacherous currents of doubt, lack of confidence and inaction. By charting these often-avoided feelings we will in time lose our fear of them.

Doubt is a destructive collective frequency and is an agent of Chaos, and when seen like that, the Grace Amidst the Chaos is ours. I hope you will receive this transmission and keep it to play over and over again in times of need.

This transmission can be received at any time.


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