Sacred Heart Transmissions:
Grace Amidst the Chaos

In Times of Lostness


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In Times of Lostness

Full Moon

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In Times of Lostness

In Times of Lostness

This transmission is the sacred gateway to and through the dark, cold, emptiness of feeling lost. Here is a sacred space where you will be guided by the Light of your own Soul into the haunting mists of lostness, apathy and non-action. When we feel lost, is it perhaps because we are looking for something, something on the inside that is ours to find. Are we waiting for something or someone to happen? What within this field, are we missing? There is something here, that is very important.

Let's use this time in the transmission to locate and unearth that sacred treasure that lays buried in the swirl of lostness.

When we are 'lost' our soul knows precisely where we are and why...A prolonged period of lostness is more likely to be a destructive collective frequency that can swerve our creativity and purpose, clouding our vision and keeping us stuck in situations that drain all our resources. When seen as a collective spell cast upon humanity, personal power and Grace Amidst the Chaos becomes yours.


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