Sacred Heart Transmissions:
Grace Amidst the Chaos

In Times of Tortured Children


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In Times of Tortured Children

Full Moon

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In Times of Tortured Children

This Full Moon is known as the Corn Moon and is connected to the Great Mother in the sign of Virgo. Grace Amidst the Chaos is a series of transmissions that are ripe for this moment in 2020. They intend to beautifully heal the cracks in our energy field, particularly the emotional and mental bodies that experience the onslaught of doubt, lostness, apathy, indifference, defeat, etc.

It has been stirring within me to do a very deep and moving transmission for tortured children. I expect this will take us on a much more profound journey into territories many of us have never been before. I understand that as people take to the streets in London, Portland, Berlin and Belarus, risking their own safety and incarceration. Those of us at home are being called to show up in a similar way and venture into worlds, where we are met by the same kind of fears. From what I understand in advance, the beginning of the transmission will be to attend and comfort our own inner child, drawing on the strengths we gathered as a child. It is essential that they come with us as the journey unfolds because it is in fact 'their strength and understanding' that does the work by carrying us forward, rather than shying away.

As we venture into a tunnel of trafficked children will we each be drawn to a particular child. All the people receiving this transmission will attend to the others. So the whole group will be tended to. This work will most likely call upon the deepest, most mature and gruelling resilience we may ever have had to reach for.

You may be asking why - will I get healed by this? The truthful answer is I don't know. Will real children held in a situation like this, receive our loving, protective intentions? Again - I don't know. But what I do know - is that our willingness to work in this way - is contributing something mighty and signalling out into existence. Enough Is Enough! There is truly an uprising taking place - let's make sure it is happening everywhere!

*** There will be no sensationalism to this transmission or graphic detail. I will take you to a place where you will simply know what is before you. Honoured Silence filled with presence is far more penetrating than descriptive spoken words.

This transmission is the delicate balm to all we are coming to terms with now in the inner and outer tortured child. The words appeal to the child spirit to come close and receive our very deepest apology.


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