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Invocation of the Madonna


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Invocation of the Madonna

Invocation of the Madonna

The Invocation of the Madonna is a transmission coming from the heart of the White/Our Lady Traditions of Southern France.

Since the beginning of time this region has been inundated with the apparition of the White/Our Lady, a glowing feminine figure that brings healing and complete redemption. Many say She is the Holy Spirit, or the Holy Sophia and most commonly, the appearance of the Virgin Mary. There are however, historical documents to prove that She has been seen many times before the Christian church existed.

What we have to understand now, is that the “Apparition” is only her ‘likeness’ – the original being sits in all Her purity and holiness in the Pleuroma/Celestial Heavens/Nameless Realms.  If Sophia (wisdom) is the apparition, then it is Pistis (Faith) that sits untouched, untainted in the unmentionable realms.  This is the essence of the transmission.  We are being invited to connect directly with the source of the Madonna (Faith) through the apparition (Wisdom) via the Logos (Bridge of Living Truth).

Her message in this transmission is this vital Truth.  The apparition is not the fullness of who/what She is… The apparition is a gateway to truly know/touch Her, and the direct bridge to Her is Logos, the penetrating Truth that transports you directly to Her original essence – leaving you to fulfil the role as apparition. Because it is now Her original Light that is pouring through you bringing hope to the entire World and everyone and thing living within it.

In this transmission we will come into feeling contact with our own realisation of this.  We will travel the living bridge of Truth Light directly into communion with the Original Madonna – The Mother of Creation. She will turn to you, looking deeply within your soul, as She 'acknowledges' the codes/gifts/roles that you are carrying. In deep reverence and tremendous light power She will extend Her hand to your rightful place to awaken and embody your Ministry, as Her apparition upon the Earth.

This transmission would serve:

  • The Direct Union with the Original Madonna in the Nameless Realms.  A Retrieval of the part of you that burns as a Apparition of the Madonna, with the promise of a Ministry who answers every prayer, wipes every tear and upholds The Light of the World.
  • The Activation of your Madonna Lineage and the propulsion to be of active service to the birth as ‘apparition’ of Hope.
  • The Opening of Gnosis
  • The imbuing of abominable kindness and faith into your heart and soul
  • The Retrieval of YOUR connection to the Madonna lineage that does not require permission or recognition from the Patriarchy
  • Connection and Birth of your own Marian Self - without shame, without denial, without fear

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