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Gospel of Mary

Invoking the One


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Invoking the One

Invoking the One

On Mary Magdalene's Feast Day (22nd July) we shall be calling forth our beloved.

We shall not only call forth on this day, but also anoint his/her arrival and entry into our lives. Yet we have to learn and embody this prayer by asking - truly asking for the orchestration of such a reunion. We ask with our bodies, not our minds, not with an ounce of unworthiness, doubt or distration - but with our full and complete sovereignty.

We shall ask for what we deeply believe we are now ready for and we shall ask clearly. We shall ask for exactly what we deeply believe we want. We shall ask for the kind of person who could be with us intellectually, spiritually, emotionally, sexually and physically. With a very clear picture in our heart, mind and body we shall ask to be infused with the divine energy to do the divine work in the world.

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