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Sacred NO!

Full Moon

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Sacred NO!

On this Full Moon, I am going to be recording a journey toward whatever it takes for us to reach our Sacred NO, to actually feel the willingness to protect life, and our way of life - no matter what! 

To dare to take that step from the small self, into authentic, sovereign divine beingness. It really concerns me that so many of us are fearing our future, from mandatory vaccinations, 5 G and the powers of the Elite. We have been conditioned to fear this small percentage of people who up until now have ruled us. We do not need to fear them, or their strange ways and rituals. We do not need to be made safe or dependant upon a shadow organisation - especially when we have taken back our voice and have uttered our Sacred NO!

During this transmission, we will be given the opportunity to drop so deep into our gratitude for life, that we come into contact with the uprising surge to protect it - at all costs. To dare to step away from all and every external power source. To feel into stepping aside from the false security of being part of the system. To feel the courage that you know is in your heart, to rise up as we promised we would, at this time.

Feel it, Live it and Own it. Feel the sovereignty arise from knowing you can say a NO in such a way - there are no more questions.

I need you to know that you have this power in the very marrow of your bones. That's all.




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