Sacred Heart Transmissions:
Wounds of Love

Judgment - Forgiveness


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Judgment - Forgiveness

Judgment - Forgiveness

The wound of judgment covers envy within oneself, jealously of another, and a sense of ‘righteous arrogance’ or the feeling that one is acting on behalf of God.  All three levels of relationship are covered, self, other and creator, as well as both the giving and receiving of judgment and condemnation.

When receiving judgment, whether it is inner or outer, apply the healing balm of forgiveness. The wounds lie within the territory of mind, and are slaves to the prideful ego. They will do anything to stay alive within our thoughts, and they will produce a myriad of reasons as to why not trust, tell the truth, forgive, surrender and serve love.

Judgment carries a seductive trap. We imagine that we will die if we forgive our judgers and judgments.  In a way that is a true assessment, because what forgiveness involves is really be able to bear the unbearable.  Who you THINK you are can't do it. Who you REALLY are can do it.  The false self— who you think you are— dies in the process. I confirm that has been my direct experience.  As I have mentioned, on this path, you must want Love more than anything—even more than being right, and even more than feeling justified.

When all judgment dissolves, Storge in its fullness and purity is revealed and can be joyfully submerged into. Storge is the love between family and friends, hence judgment being the poison that ca creep in.

The wound of judgment sits within your third eye chakra and effects your beauty, radiance and countenance.

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