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Holy Bride

Lady of Radiant Darkness


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Lady of Radiant Darkness

Lady of Radiant Darkness

The Mother emanates as the Daughter, and She has seven Faces, corresponding to the Seven Sefirot of Creation. There are three 'bright' faces - the Maiden of Light, Mother of Royal Blood and Lady of Radiant Darkness, and three 'dark' faces - the Mistress of the Night, Queen of Demons and Mystic of the Void - these are all joined in the Holy Bride, personified within Mary Magdalene. The Holy Bride is the gateway to all gnosis, and so during the next seven months we will look to experience, embody and unite every one of Her faces.

The Lady of Radiant Darkness is the mystical aspect of Mary Magdalene, who some may call the Black Madonna. This is the Great Mystical Mother, the one who takes us into her arms and enfolds us, over and over again. It is so important to KNOW that the Black Madonna or Lady or Radiant Darkness is the ONE who is walking alongside us throughout every suffering, all growing pains, all isolation and all deaths. If you ever imagine you go through this alone - you are missing a great and sacred Truth. In this transmission we will go on a journey to meet with the Mystical Mary (Black Madonna) in an ancient crypt beneath Chartres Cathedral.

This transmission would serve:

  • The Connection to the Mystical Mary
  • The Retrieval of the part of you that suffers aloneness, isolation, abandonment and dis-connection
  • The Integration of Mary, as daughter of the Holy Sophia
  • The Opening of Gnosis
  • The imbuing of Black Light into your cells
  • The Retrieval of YOUR connection to a feminine lineage that does not require permission or recognition from the Patriarchy
  • Connection to your own blackness, so black that it shines white

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