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Virgin Mysteries

Our Lady of Truth


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Our Lady of Truth

Our Lady of Truth

This transmission is for those of us who know it is time to run the risk of loss and open up.

As our frequency rises, relationships, environments and actions will change, otherwise we may be held back. Sometimes we may feel we need a rocket blast to ignite the change, and to blast open the obstacles that seem to block us. Our Lady of Truth can do just that - but it means speaking. You are being asked to express your Truth, and bare the consequences.

Our Lady of Truth is here offering to walk with us as we grow throughout this period of refinement. There is a certain Truth that needs to be spoken and Our Lady will support you. Now is the time for these words to arise. A new part of our being is wishing to be birthed, but first we have to allow the old part to dissolve, and to Let Go of out grown comforts and approvals.

 This Transmission would bring about:

  • The dissolving of outgrown comforts and approvals
  • Release from compromise and denial
  • The courage to confess and hold your dignity
  • The ability to experience loss and stay open
  • A surging sense of courage, trust and the return of freedom deep within your own being
  • A deeply felt sense of being 'held' by the Virgin. Being vulnerable but safe
  • Trusting the process of refinement - feeling able to let go of security and outgrown safety
  • Freedom to move on and expand again
  • Connection to the Virgin Mystery lineage - and the importance of you being free to respond to your calling at this time

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