Sacred Heart Transmissions:
Virgin Mysteries

The Marriage of Pistis Sophia


GBP £ 11.00

The Marriage of Pistis Sophia

The Marriage of Pistis Sophia

In the Gnostic Tradition, Pistis translates as Faith, and Sophia translates as Wisdom.  Our Faith resides in the highest parts of our being, whereas our Sophia resides in the deepest parts of our being – this transmission is a marriage of the two.

By marrying the Highest and the Lowest – an incredible force of awakening is revealed. By retrieving these parts, and bringing them into wholeness – we serve the recapitulation of the Sacred Feminine, in our own selves and the collective field.  Feminine Faith and Wisdom were once separated, condemned, driven underground and purposefully banished from the human psyche.  We have now entered a period in time – where these aspects are arising once again in our consciousness – and this transmission would serve the gateway that is needed to rightfully claim your own piece of this ancient reconfiguration.

This Transmission would serve:

  • A deep and rich integration of Self that would diminish all doubt, confusion, distraction and limitation
  • A fortification of unshakable presence, sovereignty and unyielding commitment to this time and the role you have given your own self at this time
  • A surging support of palpable presence from deep within your own being
  • An unprecedented calling to your guides and guardians to rally around you
  • Connection to the Feminine Christ lineage – an awakening force of embodied service to the Divine Birth
  • Inconsolable Proof of your Divine Self
  • The banishment of procrastination, sabotage and distraction
  • To come into awareness and clarity of your Immaculate Self and ALL that is being asked of you at this time

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