Sacred Heart Transmissions:
Gospel of Mary

Meeting the Mystical Mary


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Meeting the Mystical Mary

Meeting the Mystical Mary

The Black Madonna is the Mystic aspect of the Great Mother. She is the queen of the dark void, queen of the shadow, queen of the dark night and queen of the destruction/ creation process. She is the birthing force of the Divinized Self through the absolute dis-mantling of the false self and every, every illusion. She instigates the destruction, walks alongside you in your sorrow, takes you through the valley of death and rebirths you as a clear and true christed being.  She is powerful. She does not take no for an answer, especially if you have said, yes, yes, yes!

Know that she is the force of the Dark Mother and learn to bow to her. She holds open the mystical gateway to gnosis – Know Thyself.  When we look at the Christ story, the Black Madonna is the crucifixion and resurrection aspect of this path.  She is the humiliation, the exile, the abandonment— and the Rebirth.  Not for one second are you alone, for the Dark Mother is right alongside you – although it will feel as if she isn’t.  And that is her gift.

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