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Gospel of Mary

Meeting the Tantric Mary


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Meeting the Tantric Mary

Meeting the Tantric Mary

In my experience ‘Mary’ in all of her aspects is the fullness of the Great Divine Mother.  It is no surprise that the Christed story contains these three aspects of the feminine – the Tantric, the Virgin, and the Mystic. At the core of every evolutionary shift upon this planet— in every classical epoch and golden civilization— we find these three aspects, because She is the evolutionary shift. It is through Her body that we are reborn.  And if we chose to be reborn gracefully – then we must come to know her with every cell of our being, both intimately and abstractly.

Mary Magdalene is the Tantric aspect of the Great Mother. She is the one who keeps the great tantric and erotic mysteries.  Within her body of work we come to know how human thought and emotion has the power to expand and ascend to its origin by the practise of Sexual Holiness.  It is not enough to know the varying facts and history of Mary Magdalene. We must know her essence.  The gateway she holds open is for those who wish to know by experiencing the feeling states of erotic love. Mary Magdalene not only radiated the Divine presence; she augmented it, and she still does.  She fully experienced it in Sacred Relationship at the most edgy and incandescent levels. She was prepared to go to the depths of the Mystery and to the depths of desire to find the gold that can be lifted from that dark boiling cauldron, and offer it up to the Divine.

Only through the restoration of the divine Eros as the alchemical, transfiguring force of the birth, can we really come to know her. Yet we have to go one step further, for none of this can be known through the mind. Mary Magdalene’s soul lived this alchemy with such abandoned, pure, naked love in the midst of devastating heartbreak. Her love with Jeshua was a mutually empowered gift in the name of the holy, in the name of the great work of the Divine. That can be the image that burns in your heart when you come to know Mary Magdalene. For she is both Divine and human— a being who is astonishingly beautiful, creative, transformative and evolutionary at the highest, most intense levels of nakedness, tenderness, wildness and truth. 


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