Sacred Heart Transmissions:
Immaculate Love

Mystical Heart of the Rosary


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Mystical Heart of the Rosary

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Mystical Heart of the Rosary

New Moon

On this precious New Moon in the last month of 2020, I would love to share with you a transmission from the mystical heart of praying the Rosary. If you, like me, imagined the Rosary could only be found wrapped around your Grandmothers, or devout aunties hands, perhaps, its time to be illuminated?

This practice goes way back, well beyond the church, to a time of beauty, gratitude and unshakable faith, nested in the heart. It does not belong to the church, nor was it dreamt up by a saint. Its a prayer of the people - and it's time - to remember.

This transmission is Live and Recorded.


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