Online Talks, Oral Teachings and Classes


Online Talks, Oral Teachings and Classes

Beloved Friends, if I cannot be with you in person, then these talks are the next best thing.  In these exchanges the oral tradition is spoken into your heart, body and soul. There is nothing to learn beloved friends, only something to remember.  

These words and oral teachings will act like a catalyst.  Setting in motion an awakening that orchestrates gnosis (direct knowing). This work is a Mystery School Teaching, and once heard, forever remembered. 

This is not an abstract idea, or wishful thinking, but rather a sacred calling for all of us who are awake and committed to take this path of initiation. There are many of us who believe it will take many, many "divine humans" to midwife and put flesh on the bones of the new template that the Great Mother is laying down.

These online gatherings are gentle and tender, raw and inspirited. Its best to leave the evening open after the talk for the continuation of the journey long after the transmission has been received.

This is profoundly mystical work. 

During the call Anaiya will speak for 45 minutes, leaving the last quarter of an hour for Q & A. All these calls are recorded and get emailed to you during the following day.

We look forward to connecting with you all.


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