Sacred Heart Transmissions:
Order of the Dove

Our Edge Holds The Deepest Love


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Our Edge Holds The Deepest Love

New Moon

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Our Edge Holds The Deepest Love

Our wounds and traumas are not meant to be completely ‘healed’ or forgotten.  In fact, they carry the potential to be our superpowers as they shelter an enormous reservoir of Love.

This transmission will gently and respectfully guide us into the clean intelligence of our wounds and once-imagined flaws. To our surprise, we will discover compassion of an enormous scale, an invincible strength that surpasses our own and an ability to go the extra mile because, in our past, we once had to. These works are the magnificent displays of the heart and a glimpse of a more recognisable human being. This transmission will shatter every wrong direction and place within our hands the genuine inner compass.

This Live and Recorded Transmission will be yours to keep as an audio file.


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