Sacred Heart Transmissions:
Virgin Mysteries

Our Lady of Becoming


GBP £ 11.00

Our Lady of Becoming

Our Lady of Becoming

This transmission is for those of us who feel ready to blossom into the radiance and extension of our gifts.

You have a sense that you carry so much more than what appears on the surface. All you ask is that Our Lady affirms and confirms your secret knowing. Despite KNOWING all this, you sense something is slightly out, you have a feeling that there is something more that is waiting to be revealed and made known to you. It may be a role you are to fulfil or a talent that has not yet fully developed. She understands that being a Divine Being is a raw and wild journey, and She invites this time with you, to show you things you may have missed.

This Transmission would serve:

  • The revealing of what is required next for the unfolding of your destiny
  • The quiet time that is needed for you to tune into the not yet revealed wisdom of what subtle fragment is holding you back
  • The ability to move through times of uncertainty, other people's opinions and any wavering doubts
  • The momentum to catalyse dreams into manifestation with utter faith
  • YOUR Connection to the Virgin Lineage that is orchestrating ALL of this - for a reason
  • To come into awareness and clarity of your deeply faithful Self and ALL that is being asked of you at this time

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