Sacred Heart Transmissions:
Virgin Mysteries

Our Lady of Innocence


GBP £ 11.00

Our Lady of Innocence

Our Lady of Innocence

This transmission is for those of us who know it is time for us to let go of guilt and shame and to reveal more of who we are.

Our Lady of Innocence is here offering to walk with us towards atonement as we grow throughout this period of refinement. We may have to ask for forgiveness, as we confess the choices, words and deeds that were out of alignment with our soul. We are innately pure of heart and EVERYONE is on this journey towards the Return to Innocence. Our Mother sees us as that always and She is here now to gently dislodge and remove our heavy feelings and sense of regret. She will strip you bear and reveal your innocence again, as she rocks you past your own inner judgments back, and into your Light.

 This Transmission would serve: 

  • The dissolving of unworthiness, guilt and shame
  • Release from past actions, sacred contracts and karmic knots
  • The courage to confess and hold your dignity
  • The ability to be vulnerable, undefended and pure
  • A surging sense of courage, trust and the return of innocence deep within your own being
  • A deeply felt sense of being 'held' by the Virgin. Being vulnerable but safe
  • Trusting the process of refinement - feeling able to let go of false identity and pride
  • Freedom to move on and expand again
  • Connection to the Virgin Mystery lineage - and the importance of you being free to respond to your calling at this time

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